we are doomed to remember what never really happened
My Skyrim edits uwu
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    If I ask my dog “Where’s your baby?” he’ll find her and they’ll cuddle



    "shhhhh" I say to my computer fan 

    ur only fan tbh



    When you ask people about Lucien Lachance.

    #I’M SORRY BUT ALL I CAN THINK OF IS HOW MUCH THIS REMINDS ME OF MEAN GIRLS #”lucien lachance? how do i even begin to explain lucien lachance”  #”lucien lachance is flawless”  #”he has two poison apples and a silver dagger.”  #”i hear his hair’s insured for ten thousand septims”  #”i hear he does contract killing. in the IMPERIAL CITY.”  #”his favorite book is ‘chance’s folly’.”  #”one time he met the countess of chorrol on a day trip. and she told him he was handsome.”  #”one time he punched me in the face. IT WAS AWESOME.”  #tes  #i will never be over lucien lachance 


    *shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING


    I wanna go home

    Mass Effect 2


    when hagrid dies he will be buried in a clearing in the forbidden forest, all the magical creatures on the hogwarts grounds will attend the funeral as well as students of all ages and houses, professors both current and past and even hogwarts alumni

    his cabin will stay as a monument to his life, dusted from time to time by house elves, and it is never clear if hagrid’s soul remained as a ghost but it is said that sometimes in the dead of night you can see dim lights from his cabin windows and hear the whistle of a tea kettle


    jamming tentacles haha. too lazy

    I’m offering to be your friend.You don’t want to be my enemy.